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Welcome to the Journal of Studies in History and Culture. Kindly go through the terms and conditions before using the website or seeking involvement in an active or passive manner. In cases of disagreement, one may leave the website and refrain from further participation. By accessing the website, along with the content, software, information, in other words the ‘Service’ altogether, the user automatically agrees to the T&C. 

1.       JSHC reserves the right of modification, or suspension of the website, or sections thereof, on temporary or permanent basis, with or without notifying the user. Besides, it is well within the rights of JSHC to terminate one’s access to the website, in its sole discretion with the interest of retaining the journal’s reputation intact. 

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JSHC also forbids the user of unauthorized use of content; and before downloading or accessing content, the user agrees not to reverse engineer or circumvent protection features and digital rights endorsed by the website.

JSHC grants the user revocable, non-transferable, limited and non-exclusive license of free access and to create hyperlinks to any page of the journal, or cite the URL as a primary source only with the user’s assurance of not portraying JSHC in a derogatory, negative, objectionable or offensive manner. JSHC is not to be held partly or fully responsible for any liability arising out of the user’s mistreatment of content whatsoever. 


3.      JSHC welcomes feedback from the readers, in form of comments, suggestions and questions through social networking sites and email with a genuine interest of incorporating the constructive points made for the betterment of the journal, provided the reader understands it is within the capacity of JSHC to modify, edit or remove these comments and suggestions. The reader should also ensure the submissions should not be obscene, unacceptable or illegal in nature, and JSHC holds no such obligation to protect the confidentiality with respect to the reader’s feedback. Secondly, the reader should also note, JSHC may have similar development ideas as suggested therein, and the journal shall not entertain any claim of compensation whatsoever.

4.     It is to notify the readers that all statements and opinions expressed by the contributors (authors, interviewees, guest writers and so on) through their works are theirs alone, and not the opinion of the publishers (JSHC). In instances of inaccuracy, unoriginality and unreliability of content, JSHC is not to be held responsible.

Furthermore, JSHC does not undertake the liability for any direct or indirect loss incurred by the user in any way related to the access of the website, including unfortunate instances of viruses infecting the computer or related equipment.

5.      JSHC is available “AS IS”. The publishers do not warranty absolute accuracy, timeliness or reliability of content, opinion or database therein. Instances of delays, omissions and inaccuracies are part and parcel of the publication procedure, and JSHC does not warranty an uninterrupted course of action. If users decide to rely on the material obtained from the journal, it is to be done solely at their own risk and JSHC disclaims any liability thereafter.

6.     The reader is requested to verify and consequently abide by age-based restrictions and other regulations before accessing the content, when necessary.

7.      JSHC reserves the right to alter and modify the Terms and Conditions, at any time and the user is bound by any such changes.

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