Opportunities at JSHC


Journal of Studies in History & Culture  is a peer-reviewed, open-access online journal. The journal is looking for peer reviewers. It is only after considering the suggestions of the peer-reviewers that the editors are able to determine the quality of the paper and take a call on either selecting it for publication or rejecting it.


The peer-review procedure involves a scholarly evaluation of a proposed research article and also demands critical analytical skills from the reviewer. From evaluating originality of interpretation or personal views, the peer reviewers would be expected to bring their experience and methodological understanding to enrich the journal’s professed aims of promoting the interdisciplinary approaches by emerging scholars. They would also be expected to offer comments on papers which may posit an original interpretative analysis but may need some work on the part of the authors to make them fit for publication.


Peer-reviewers are therefore expected to possess substantial knowledge regarding their area of expertise, which is considered imperative for a journal’s reputation, publication ethics and maintaining its standards. The minimum eligibility for a peer reviewer of the Journal of Studies in History and Culture (JSHC) is to hold a Doctoral degree. One can expect a hands-on experience in editing and also gather practical knowledge about the peer-review procedure. JSHC encouraging an inter-disciplinary approach to scholarly research, peer-reviewers would be assured of cross disciplinary dialogue throughout their engagement. This would not only enrich their scholarship, but consequently one would also get to interact with experts hailing from diverse academic disciplines. Professionally too, this position is helpful to someone intending to pursue an academic career or an employment in the publishing sector.


JSHC is also looking for editorial assistants. An editorial assistant is required to participate in every stage of the publication procedure, starting from a general supervision of the journal, social outreach, to looking into each detail viz. management of mail to assisting the editorial members and also communicating with the authors, whenever necessary. JSHC is looking for interested scholars willing to be part of the endeavour. Everyone from undergrads to advanced graduates are welcome to join the team and learn from the experience, which would prove to be beneficial for their future professional endeavours. The timings would be flexible and one can be located anywhere in the world to be a part of the team. The post of an editorial assistant is particularly significant for the functioning of the journal and would also benefit the candidate by improving their communication with academics. This is something essential for individuals looking to build a career in academics. This would count as an enriching experience and one which would help interested people to learn about the intricacies of a journal.


JSHC is committed to publishing qualitative research which is available on the website without access restrictions. The papers published in the journal can be freely downloaded or distributed as long as it is not reproduced without proper permission. Being committed to open access publishing all positions at JSHC are honorary. Reference letters and certificates are provided to everyone who works with JSHC.

You can send in your applications along with your CV to mail@jshc.org.