As we publish JSHC’s second issue for our readers we are constantly reminded of the contributions of all those who have stood by us throughout the past two years. We have indeed come long way from the initial stages of conceptualizing JSHC and the publication of our first issue.

Our editorial advisors have has always been of great help. Our peer reviewers, web developer and editorial assistants everybody have done their bit. Among our editorial assistants Shinjini Chattopadhyay and Sneha Jha deserve special mention for taking out time from their research schedules and aiding the internal processes. Our web designer Bhuvan Singla completed the design changes to our issue and redeveloped the website from scratch at a moment’s notice – a herculean task for which we can never thank him enough.

All our peer reviewers and members of the editorial team along with our editorial assistants worked tirelessly to help us publish the second issue of JSHC. It has been a collective effort all along.

Ranita Chakraborty Dasgupta’s book review is a wonderful addition to this issue.

We are grateful to Professor Dwijendra Narayan Jha, who welcomed us to his home, and gave us an interview which provides an insight into an academic’s viewpoint of all that ails us in South Asia.

We would like to thank Professor Harbans Mukhia, who readily agreed to write a special article for us, also giving us permission to reprint one of his earlier works. The reprint section as we have constantly maintained is an important link between works which are as relevant today as they were when they were first published. Professor Mukhia’s article is self explanatory in this regard. It gives us an important insight into the continued use and abuse of history.

We are glad that Professor Sugata Bose could take out time for the interview despite his teaching and research commitments.

To all others who this acknowledgement may have missed out, your effort is what helps us to continue publishing JSHC.


The Editorial Team